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 An admiration bit about how wonderful fat and jiggling and hanging bellies are.

These days I am seeing fat everywhere. The plump friend, that has always had this small little belly, talking in no uncertain terms that she is waiting to become fat, have a real belly that is visibly standing out and a fuller face. Or the already fat woman from the Spanish conversation group, that thinks she is sooo fat, but in reality could do with a lot more.
Me telling her “honey, you aren't fat yet, let me make you fat and show you how that is to have huge hanging breasts and a hanging belly and to jiggle like a ball filled jello with everything you do”

Especially thin women tease me, it is like they are virgins feeding wise, no ounce of fat on their bellies.

Feedees are rare, so it would be suicide to tell them that I would like to fatten them up. Needless to say I tried that and it has never so far worked.

But in my imagination, there is this pill. It is legendary, feared and loved at the same time. There is this magical feel, if you are near it, hold it in your hand. It is yellow, like the fat it stands for.

And I imagine mixing it into a drink of a thin woman and her drinking it, just to be assailed by this monstrous hunger. The best way is to follow it up with some liquid fat, which happens naturally if you give it to a fatty that already has a belly that is about to hang.

The pill, reacting in such a fat body, making her so horny when she hears me whisper “drink this, I want you to become a fat porker for me.”
And me massaging her dripping wet pussy, playing with her clit, while she automatically drinks the glass of liquid fat that I put to her mouth.

The thin one is harder to crack, the pills needs time to work and when she gets hungry later on, I take her to this Italian place and when she is off to the bathroom, I drench her pasta in tons of olive oil, a very fattening combination. When she comes back, she comments how wonderful rich her pasta tastes and wolfs it down.
This is the seed fat that she needs to grow, priming her.
Then the hot anticipation of seeing her again and seeing that she has grown a small belly, slightly plump is she now. She tells me with alarm about the fat and that she has been eating like a pig.

“Have you ever considered to become fat? Ever wondered how that must feel, being so much woman?”
I know that she is getting wet at this. The pill does that, it changes your hate and disgust of fat into love and sexual energy, you become a feedee through it.

Sometimes it is fun to give her two of them, watching her get hot the same night, and having a hunger that does not stop anymore, combined with a stomach that suddenly is all flexible and huge.
And telling her “my love, I want to fatten you up into a huge fat porker!” and seeing her get so hot and horny at that, us engaging into hot fat sex, even before she has the fat.

Needless to say, the time is exciting, her wanting to become fatter, we measuring her girth, how she changes from being thin and sprouts fat everywhere, how she passes plumpness and grows towards being truly fat.

And the fatter you are when you take the pill, the stronger you fatten up, since it reacts to the fat you got already.
What would you do if you had this pill in the palm of your hand? Would you be nervous? Would you like to show somebody that you would take it willingly?
Or would you take 2... or 3 to see what will happen?

Rubens_Feeder, 21. August 2010




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