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The Fat Bomb Fattening Method

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This is a guaranteed recipe for fattening, even for people who are not getting very fat. This special fattening is responsible for the last 10 kg I gained (as of September 2019). This kind of weight gain is not suitable for everyone, because it does not include pleasure of eating. It is more about putting on fat than anything else.

This type of fattening is used in all fattening houses, fat factories and human fattening laboratories, where it is about getting fat as fast as possible. It refines every meal, no matter how lean, into a heavy fat bomb. It is cheap and

efficient. Anyone who has fantasies of forced fattening will love it, because here you can force yourself to get fat. One sip every few hours and the fat comes out.

Warning: This fattening can potentially lead to very fast weight gain. It is made for people who have a hard time gaining weight, because they have a fast metabolism. If you are a good fattener and are used to fattening and fattening when you are predisposed to be fattened, it can inflate your fattening body and lead to very rapid fat gain. How fast can you put on fat with this? Please contact me, I would love to know. Nobody so far knows the maximum Weight gain that is possible with this.

If you are curious or horny, try it for a whole week and see how fast you fatten up. I really like fast fattening, when the fat grows very fast, just like I like it with myself.

I only have my own experience with it, no idea how it is with long-term use and what the experiences of others are. I am not a doctor and therefore I cannot talk about the health aspects, everyone does this fat at their own risk. But in general the fat is no different than when you are very fat, e.g. a large portion of French fries from McDonald has about 25 g of pure fat in it.

An advantage of this fattening method is that you can choose what kind of fat you want to eat. I use olive oil or other healthy fats for my own fattening.

By the way, we equate mililiter (ml) with grams (g), because it is almost the same with oil.

First look at your belly and stroke the existing fat there, be aware that this method of fattening will make you fat for sure, that you might have run away from fat. Now is your chance to let yourself go, sabotage the slimming craze, make sure you are guaranteed to get fat no matter what else you eat. If you consume the dose, it's a commitment to fat that it will bloat you up, make you a giant fatso. You can sabotage any lean diet wonderfully with this, you only need a little moment where you get fat horny, want to get very fat and poof, the dose is in and drives you fatter. You will realize what it means to be fat pregnant. The stuff will make you fatter in a few days, and just pumping out your stomach might prevent that. It's a horny and beautiful moment and I recommend that you grab the fat fold on your gut, checking, like a feeder would do when you swallow the dose and you open yourself up to the fat and being extremely fat. With this method you will drink pure fat, which is already a confession to obesity. I think we have all found out that a lot of fat or fat can't be used all at once. Therefore the small dose and the distribution on 7h, so that the stomach can digest all fat completely.

Instructions for the fat bomb:

Take one dose every 7 h per day, e.g. in the morning at 8 o'clock, then 15:00 in the afternoon and 22:00 in the evening.

For beginners: 50 ml (or 25 ml) pure fat, e.g. olive oil or rapeseed oil. A small shot glass can help. Prepare some fruit juice, cola or fizz. The trick is to put the fat dose in your mouth, not swallow it yet, and then drink fruit juice or fizzy drink, fill your mouth with it and flush the fat dose down, both at the same time. The tongue does not notice the pure taste of fat, which can be disgusting. Then drink more, so that the fat is washed out of your mouth.

Here is a small table that illustrates this a little bit:


Time Amount of fat in ml Gram Fat kcals Total with 2500 kcal normal food per day Weight gain in kg (only theoretically and inaccurately estimated)
50 ml per dose          
8:00 Morning 50 46.40 412    
15:00 Afternoon 50 46.40 412    
22:00 Evening 50 46.40 412    
Total per Day 150 139.20 1236 3736 0.25
Total per week 1050 974.40 8652 26152 3.45
Total per month 4500 4176.00 37080 112080 15.73
Total per year 54000 50112.00 444960 1344960 191.85
100 ml per dose          
8:00 Morning 100 92.80 824    
15:00 Afternoon 100 92.80 824    
22:00 Evening 100 92.80 824    
Total per day 300 278.40 2472 4972 0.42
Total per week 2100 1948.80 17304 34804 4.69
Total per month 9000 8352.00 74160 149160 21.02
Total per year 108000 100224.00 889920 1789920 255.42

The stomach can get used to digesting more fat and the fat dose can then be increased. Would like to hear from you how fast you have gained weight with this.

Hope that this will make you as fat as possible, that many men and women will go crazy. Document your belly growth, take pictures of it, would like to see it as always. Would like to see how you get massive stretch marks, how so much fat in food affects different bodies, how fast or slow you get fatter.


1. Update October 2020:

Wow, this kind of fattening hit like a bomb, many people made it, many people got fatter. I got quite a bit fatter and it is an ideal way to help if you just can't find a way to get fatter. Tell me about your experiences! I have heard about many men, are there also women who fatten themselves like this? What kind of fat do you take? How much fatter are you? if you get fatter, take pictures before you get fat, so you can see how you get fatter.


2. Update January 2021

This whole thing is making me fatter right now, I keep swallowing these doses and it is so exciting. Wish you could send me pictures of you getting fatter from this fattening method, then you could show others how you bulk up.

I am doing a trial at the moment with just 10 ml of fat, I take olive oil so it is healthy and swallow that every few hours, then steadily over a few days and the belly is getting fatter from it, it is very exciting. It really works, think with 10 ml it really digests everything and you definitely get fatter from it. I feel how it inflates me with it and drives me fatter, how my lard belly greedily sucks up the fat, the belly sags more and more and already hangs a little over the pants, I can be glad that I do not have a feeder, I would be extremely fat with it and this nasty fattening method and quickly become fatter, especially because I want that very much and therefore can not resist.

The method was so far with quite a few a huge success I have noticed, the article here was well rated by very many (most certainly do not give a rating, so it works for many more people.


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