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Fattening Medication

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Here is some medication that will make you fat, and when you read the descriptions, that is really hot, because that is no some "may promote weight gain", nope, that stuff will fatten you up and we all hear sometimes of people that got obese on these medications, very exiting. These medications might have other side effects, but some of them seem pretty save and could be used for weight gain.

The text the you see below is from Wikipedia and I only copied relevant parts of it, please read the whole thing before using these to fatten yourself or others up, to know what to expect.



Recent studies have established :

  • that olanzapine and clozapine disturb the metabolism by making the body take preferentially its energy from fat (instead of privileging carbohydrates). Thus, levels of carbohydrates remaining high, the body would develop insulin resistance (reduction of insulin sensitivity).[32]
  • that olanzapine promotes fat accumulation : due to disturbances in fat metabolism, rodents become fatter (but don't have their weight increasing at first). Being fatter, they do less exercise, burning less fat and gaining weight.[33]

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...increased appetite and subsequent weight gain...

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That is the hormone that makes you hungry, if that would be available in pills, it would be perfect for fattening up.

Ghrelin, the hunger hormone




A medication often used to make people eat that don't have any appetite otherwise. How it works with somebody that is already fat or gaining, well, what a dream thought!

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  • Comment Link Marzopolis Friday, 22 February 2013 01:09 posted by Marzopolis

    I would procede with caution when using any man-made formula, with the exception of corn-syrup milkshakes, which actually grow new fat cells. Most "may cause weight gain" warnings refer to weight caused by edema, or retention of fluids, which is something that a fat-loving feeder (or feedee) definitely does not want to occur in his/her lover. Edema is mistankenly referred to as "hard fat", which it is not. It is an abnormal swelling of tissue due to liquid retention and can lead to real health problems, not healthy fat.

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