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An essay is a written work.

An essay is a written work in which you need to express your thoughts logically, it helps you learn to express your thoughts correctly and coherently. The  essay assistance of spelling and punctuation errors is also assessed.

The main types of essays are: narrative, reasoning, report on a given topic, comparative characterization, essay.

The classifications of essays depend on the age of students and learning objectives. They can be educational and summative, collective and independent, written on literary material or on the basis of personal experience, etc.

Separate classification according to the type of speech, as it most fully reflects the main features of the structure and content of the text.

Composition-description can  do my biology homework an independent work or part of the essay-expression.

An essay-narrative is essentially a story about some event.

An essay-expression contains a reasoned response to the problem outlined in the topic.

Any essay includes 3 obligatory parts, which are supplemented depending on the type of work: introduction, main part and conclusion.

In the introduction, briefly talk about the topic, the main aspects of the work, put a question that will be disclosed in the main part.

The main part shows the level of understanding of the topic of the essay. Includes an analysis of the work, character, event or problem. Volume - not less than 2/3 of the entire essay. In the main part should not provide facts that are not relevant to the topic.

Conclusion is a brief conclusion summarizes the outcome of the programming homework help. The conclusion should be logically related to the previous elements of the paper.

Here's a bonus plus top 5 secrets to a strong essay:

Secret 1: read original works of fiction and criticism, not summaries of them, to get your literary arguments right and avoid factual errors.

Secret 2: choose a topic to which you can select at least 2-3 works to analyze.

Secret 3: if you can't start with an introduction, write the main part. Then reread the work, write an introduction and a conclusion.

Secret 4: prove your thesis with quotations, historical and biographical facts.

Secret 5: check your work for spelling, punctuation, and stylistic errors at least twice: on a draft and after you have rewritten your essay on clean paper.


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