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Read about the main part of the term paper.

The main part of the term paper - its core and foundation, the basis of research, you can use college essay helper. It can exist even without an introduction, conclusion or title page, although in this form is unlikely to be accepted by the supervisor. Let's figure out together how to write this part correctly, so that the teacher did not have any questions.

The main part consists of chapters and paragraphs, which is the essence of the course project. The allowed number of chapters - from 2 to 4, paragraphs - from 6 to 8. The number depends on the specialty, the topic and is prescribed in the guidelines.

The structure of the paper is largely determined by the specialty and type of research, or get history homework help. Usually it includes theoretical and practical (project) parts, and in some cases also a part with the analysis of the collected information.

The theoretical section analyzes all the research related to the topic of the term paper. You need to state the essence of the problem, assess the possible options for its solution, formulate your own intermediate conclusion.

The practical section is given to scientific research, the purpose of which is to find real ways of solving the problems.

Here it is important to use figures, concrete facts and other clear and reliable information applicable in practice.

In the analysis section, you should have a detailed analysis of the facts related to the research problem.

The title should reflect the essence of what is contained in the chapter or paragraph and be placed in the center of the page, also use site A chapter, unlike a paragraph, always begins a new page. A paragraph may continue as the text progresses.

The basic information on formatting is contained in state standards. Before you open them, go to the department and get a methodology book. It should be guided in the first place. There are special requirements in it, developed by the staff of the department, taking into account your subject and topic, and absent in the standards.

But back to the general requirements of state standards: font type and size - Times New Roman 12 or 14 point; line spacing - 1,5; alignment - by width; Margins: 2,5 cm on the left side, 1,5 cm on the right, 2 cm on the top and bottom; Layout format - ?4; bold font for titles of chapters, paragraphs, and subheadings; indent - 1.5 cm; numbering begins on the second page (but the title page is counted).

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